Current Scholars

Congratulations on joining the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ family! You worked hard to receive a scholarship, and now you must work just as hard to maintain it. Receiving a Show scholarship is an honor and a privilege. Please read the Scholar Handbook and familiarize yourself with the policies and requirements, as these are the rules governing your scholarship. Failure to adhere to the rules and requirements will put your scholarship in jeopardy.

If you find yourself in an extenuating circumstance and you are concerned it may affect your scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

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Current Show Scholars are required to maintain an online account to submit and track grades and disbursements, and make any necessary requests.

Forgotten your log-in information? Email, and include your name, university and university ID in your message. Please do not attempt to create a new account.



The Scholar Handbook is designed to help you maintain your Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Scholarship. 

Most of your questions can be answered in this handbook. The Frequently Asked Questions section can be found further down this page.


Contact Us

Mailing Address
Educational Programs Office
P.O. Box 20070
Houston, TX 77225-0070

Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Important Emails
Scholarship Questions:


Important Dates

Dec. 31 Spring Transfer Request
Semester Grades - Unofficial Transcript
Letter to Donor
May 15
Summer Session Payment Request Deadline
June 30 Semester Grades - Official Transcript
Letter to Donor
Aug. 1
Fall Transfer Request
Aug. 15 Summer Grades if Applicable

Frequently Asked Questions

I heard about a chance to get another scholarship called “Achievement.” What is that?

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ awards Achievement Scholarships to current Show Scholars who have achieved academic excellence in their college career. 

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Can I transfer schools or change majors?

Yes. To change your school, please submit a transfer request through the online scholar portal at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Failure to submit a transfer request in a timely manner will result in your disbursement being delayed. To update your major, select your new major from the dropdown box in the online scholar portal.

Is study abroad allowed? Can I receive a disbursement for it?

Students interested in studying abroad must receive prior approval from the Educational Programs office. (Email to request a Study Abroad Request form.) The Show will fund the scholarship at the normal scholarship amount for the period of the study abroad program, up to one year. The study abroad program must be sponsored through the student’s home university and the student must receive 12 hours of credit during the Fall or Spring semester. Summer and mini-mester study abroad programs will not be approved.

Can I take part in an internship or Co-op?

Internships and Co-ops must be pre-approved by the Educational Programs office (Email for a request form.) Students must remain enrolled at their school and must receive credit hours for their internship or Co-op semester.

I am unable to attend school due to a medical condition. What should I do?

Under special circumstances, and subject to approval by the Show’s Office of Educational Programs, a Scholar who is unable to attend school due to a medical condition may request a Medical Waiver for up to one year (two semesters). Requests must be submitted in writing and require a doctor’s note.

I want to take break from school. What are my options?

Under special circumstances, and subject to approval by the Show’s Office of Educational Programs, a reasonable break in continuous education may be allowed for pursuit of a service activity or an educational endeavor that is part of an organized program run by a recognized non-profit organization or academic institution. Breaks to pursue employment or engage in business-oriented ventures (other than internships that earn college credit) are not allowed.

If a Scholar is unable to complete a semester or needs to take time off (other than summers) for personal reasons, a request can be made to have the scholarship placed on hold for up to one year. Requests for holds are decided on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Educational Programs and the Scholarship Review Committee which meets once per semester. Hold requests must be submitted in writing to the Show’s Office of Educational Programs immediately.