RodeoHouston® is comprised of two different competitions: the Super Series and the Super Shootout®: North America's Champions, presented by Crown Royal. Both competitions total a $2.17 million payout, with more than 300 contestants, and an average of 1.37 million fans.

The Super Series is a 19 day tournament style competition with 40 contestants in each event. The Super Shootout competition is a single-day rodeo held on the last day of Rodeo. Champions from eight rodeos compete as a team in the Shootout, as well as an individual athlete.

2019 RODEOHOUSTON® Schedule

Performance Date
Super Series I, Round 1 Monday, Feb. 25
Super Series I, Round 2 Tuesday, Feb. 26
Super Series I, Round 3 and Super Series I Championship Wednesday, Feb. 27
Super Series II, Round 1 Thursday, Feb. 28
Super Series II, Round 2 Friday, March 1
Super Series II, Round 3 and Super Series II Championship Saturday, March 2
Super Series III, Round 1 Sunday, March 3
Super Series III, Round 2 Monday, March 4
Super Series III, Round 3 and Super Series III Championship Tuesday, March 5
Super Series IV, Round 1 Wednesday, March 6
Super Series IV, Round 2 Thursday, March 7
Super Series IV, Round 3 and Super Series IV Championship Friday, March 8
Super Series V, Round 1 Sunday, March 10
Super Series V, Round 2 Monday, March 11
Super Series V, Round 3 and Super Series V Championship Tuesday, March 12
Semifinal 1 Wednesday, March 13
Semifinal 2 Thursday, March 14
Wild Card Friday, March 15
RODEOHOUSTON® Super Series Championship Saturday, March 16

Super Series

Super Shootout

Super Series Payout

 Super Series I — V (per round, per event)  
  Semifinals 1 & 2  
  Wild Card  
First Place
$3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $50,000
Second Place
$2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $20,000
Third Place
$1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $10,000
Fourth Place
$750 $750 $750 $5,500
Fifth – 10th Place
N/A N/A $500 $1,250
11th — 12th Place
N/A N/A $500 N/A


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