Ticket FAQs

How to Buy Tickets

  • Individual Rodeo tickets can be purchased via:
    • online at rodeohouston.com;
    • via AXS mobile app, available for Android and Apple devices;
    • by phone at 855.239.7207, beginning Friday, Jan. 11 or;
    • in person at the *NRG Park Box Office, with no service charge.
  • All tickets purchased online will be delivered electronically via Flash Mobile Delivery; please allow 48 hours for delivery.
    • To access your purchased tickets, download the AXS mobile app and login with the email used to purchase tickets.

*The NRG Park Box Office is located on the south end of NRG Stadium, at the Westridge entrance.

NRG Park Box Office Hours
  • Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

About Flash Mobile Delivery

AXS Mobile App


How do I gain access to the NRG Park grounds and NRG Stadium using Flash Mobile Delivery?

A gate attendant will scan the ticket barcode in your AXS mobile app or will swipe your registered credit card to allow you access to the grounds. 


Then, once you arrive at the NRG Stadium gates, a gate attendant will rescan your mobile device or re-swipe your registered card and you will receive a Seat Locator Slip with your seat locations on it. Take that slip to the aisle attendant at your designated section and he/she will direct you to your seats — it’s that simple!

How can I be sure my tickets are good?

With Flash Mobile Delivery, the status of your tickets is at your fingertips if you 

  • - have registered your tickets in your AXS account,
  • - have at least one form of valid ID associated with your account, and
  • - have located the barcoded ticket in your AXS mobile app.

All it takes is a simple scan of the barcoded ticket in your AXS mobile app or a swipe of one of your registered IDs to get you onto the grounds and into NRG Stadium.

If my access is digital, how will the aisle attendant know where to seat me in NRG Stadium?

Once you arrive at NRG Stadium, a gate attendant will re-scan the ticket barcode in your AXS mobile app or re-swipe your registered ID. (Your barcode and/or registered ID should have already been scanned once at the NRG Park gates upon arrival to the grounds.) A Seat Locator Slip will then be printed for you with your seat location on it. Take that slip to the aisle attendant at your designated section and he/she will direct you to your seats.

Does each person in my group need their own mobile app or registered ID on their phone?

No, each person does not have to have the mobile app or a registered ID as long as you arrive together. When you arrive, a gate attendant will ask how many people are with you and can then scan or swipe in your entire party using the ticket barcode(s) in your AXS mobile app or any registered ID on the account. 


If you have guests who will arrive separately from you, you can electronically transfer a ticket to each one. The people you wish to transfer tickets to will be sent an email prompting them to create their own AXS account and enter with their own scanned barcode or swiped registered ID when they arrive.

What if my guests arrive at different times than me?

Most people find it best to TRANSFER the seats to their guests prior to the event. This way your guests will be able to enter when they arrive using their own barcoded ticket or their own registered ID.

If I forget my ID or don’t have a valid ID on my account on the day of the show, can I still get into the event?

The easiest method of entry is through the use of the barcoded ticket in your AXS mobile app. Before the show starts, download the AXS app to your phone — available for iPhone and Android users — then log in to your account and show your barcoded ticket to the gate attendant who will scan it for entry. 


If you do not have the barcoded tickets in your mobile app and you forget the registered ID on your account, don’t worry. Simply go to the nearest ticket booth and provide the attendant with some form of valid ID, along with the verification information you included in your account profile, and he or she will take care of you.

What happens if my credit card doesn’t work at the gate?

You will be instructed to go to the to the nearest ticket booth, where your account information will be verified, and an attendant will assist you with a Seat Locator slip.

What if my credit card is lost or stolen?

If your credit card is lost or stolen and then replaced by your credit card company before the event, you can remove your old card from your account and register a new card in the AXS mobile app. If you do not have your credit card upon arriving at the event, you will need to go to the to the nearest ticket booth for assistance.

General Ticket FAQs